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Eutylone is a synthetic cathinone of the phenethylamine class that has a chemical structure and properties similar to Schedule I and II amphetamines and cathinones such as MDMA, methylone and pentylone. Phenethylamine is an organic emulsion, a natural monoamine alkaloid and trace amine found in numerous organisms and plants.

Eutylon’s compound has been described in a patent. The patent demonstrated the linkage of a series of substituted phenyl α-amino ketones. Eutylone or 1-(,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-(ethylamino)butan-1-one was almost unknown until 2019.

Some of the benefits Are

  • Privacy: All information is confidential and protected. Individuals working with a substance abuse treatment professional do not have to worry about their privacy being violated. That includes protecting your information from law enforcement.
  • Detox: If detox is necessary, it is always better to go through this process under the supervision of a medical professional. The withdrawal process can be difficult, and medical professionals have tools to make it easier.
  • Sobriety: Furthermore, there are lots of different treatment options available. Individuals can work their way through the process, helping them get sober and stay sober.

Is Eutylon legal? 

By applying strict regulations when dealing with this product, we ensure our customers take the necessary safety precautions to stay legally on the right side of the law. As a customer, you should inform yourself about the laws in your region, because the regulations are constantly changing.

Where can you Buy Eutylon Online? 

Eutylon and other chemicals are among the many products sold and distributed by  Honoly Chem. We only sell high quality chemicals, especially those that are not commonplace. Eutylon is commercially available in 10 mg crystalline form for laboratory research use only. Only persons who are at least 18 years old are allowed to buy this chemical from us.



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